“Weird Tales” Reproductions (featuring H.P. Lovecraft!)

OK, this is totally off topic, but it’s been a long week, my projects are done, and it’s gorgeous outside. (Plus there is also the thrill of scooping Dr. Skyskull on something related to weird fiction.)

The folks at the H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society, which sells all sorts of clever Lovecraft novelty items (my favorite being the “Innsmouth High School Swim Team” t-shirt), have outdone themselves with their latest release: complete reproductions of the vintage Weird Tales magazines in which Lovecraft first published his genre-altering short stories. In their own words:

These replicas feature everything from the saucy cover art to the great vintage ads. In addition to the Lovecraft stories, these replicas feature a wealth of stories by other writers from the Golden Age of the pulp magazines. The original magazines were lovingly scanned and carefully reproduced for your enjoyment. We love these replicas and think you will too!

At $35–$50 each, they’re not cheap, but these gems are waaaaay less expensive than one of the rare originals. (Plus I can’t be the only person puzzling over what is so scary about a “ghost table” and why that would get front-cover billing over the mythologically revered “Call of Cthulhu”, which appeared in the same issue!)